, Jakarta Government re-open the acceptance of Candidate Civil Servants (CPNS) the second wave. This is stated in the Decree of the Minister of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform number 62 dated 31 August 2017 on the Needs of State Civil Servant Employees.

One of the agencies that opened the recruitment CPNS, namely the National Agency for Placement and Protection of Indonesian Workers (BNP2TKI). There are 87 number of formations that are divided into several types of formation groups.

Based on the information, Friday (7/9/2017), the type of formation is for cum laude applicants are 9 formation, disability 2, sons / daughters of Papua and West Papua amounted to 1, and for public amounted to 75.

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The average educational qualifications required in this recruitment from various positions are D-4 through S-1 in the appropriate field of position.

The positions offered are Indonesian Manpower Manager, Planning Analyst, Monitoring Analyst, Evaluation and Reporting, Program and Budget Implementation Manager, Data Processing Application and Data Management of Financial System, Promotion Analyst and Foreign Cooperation, Mapping Analyst and Harmonization of TKI Competence, Placement Analyst of TKI, Analyst Protection and Empowerment of TKI, and Auditor.

From these positions will get a work unit that gets the following formation allocation:

1. Bureau of Planning and Cooperation of Cooperation
2. Finance and General Bureau
3. Directorate of Foreign Cooperation
4. Directorate of Mapping and Harmonization of Overseas Labor Quality II
5. Directorate of Socialization and Institutional Placement
6. Directorate of Government Placement Services
7. Directorate of Complaint Service
8. Directorate of Mediation and Advocacy
9. Inspectorate
10. BP3TKI Tanjung Pinang
11. BP3TKI Pekan Baru
12. BP3TKI Serang
13. BP3TKI Bandung
14. BP3TKI Semarang
15. BP3TKI Denpasar
16. BP3TKI Mataram
17. BP3TKI Kupang
18. BP3TKI Pontianak
19. BP3TKI Nunukan
20. BP3TKI Surabaya

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