, Jakarta PT Asuransi Jiwasraya (Persero) will launch its new product, in the form of pension security as it is owned by Civil Servants (PNS). The product was created to accommodate private workers who want to have retirement benefits.

Jiwasraya Marketing Director De Young Adrian said the product with the name JS Pesangon is like a retirement program that followed by civil servants. Participants will get retirement severance until death. Then the severance can be forwarded to the wife until death.

Do not get there. If the participant has a child, with age less than 25 years old not yet working and not married, then the offspring can get severance pay.

"It's like a civil servant, there's no other product in Indonesia," said Adrian, at the Jakarta Convention Centers (JCC), Thursday (21/09/2017).

Adrian continued, pension program JS Pesangon gives flexibility to determine the age of retirement, with a minimum premium payment of Rp 500 thousand per month.

To determine the amount of severance pay, the premium payment is accumulated until the retirement age determined by the participant. "Retirement programs for private workers can program retirement, then accumulate.

For example, follow the program at the age of 35 years of age pension set 55 years. When paying a premium of Rp 500 thousand then the policyholder will get pension Rp 6 million per month, "said Adrian.

According to Adrian, a participant of JS Pesangon who passed away before retirement age, the payment of pension can be given. The plan of such products will be issued in the near future.

"If anything happens then still gets, that's until the wife died," he stressed.

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