, Jakarta - The Composite Stock Price Index (IHSG) continued its gains in stock trading Wednesday this week. However, the position of the rupiah against the US dollar (US) tends to strengthen.

On the pre-opening of stock trading on Wednesday (4/10/2017), JCI rose 12.92 points or 0.22 percent to 5,952.37 positions. This is the highest level in trading.

Opening at 09.00 am, JCI rises but limited to 12.73 points or 0.21 percent to position 5.952.19. The LQ45 stock index rose 0.44 percent to 994.18. All compact benchmark stock indexes are green.

JCI was at the highest level of 5,959.58 and the lowest was 5,946.64. There are as many as 101 stocks strengthened that pushed JCI into the green zone. While 32 stocks weakened and 100 shares stayed in place.

Total trading frequency of about 10,643 shares with trading volume of 385.7 million shares. The value of daily transaction of Rp 188.4 billion.

Daily transaction value of Rp 806 billion shares in all markets. The position of the United States dollar is in the range of Rp 13,476.

By sector, most of the greenback sectors except the basic industrial stock sectors fell 0.05 percent and the infrakstruktur share sector weakened 0.16 percent. The mining stock sector rose 1.12 percent, and led the gains.

Followed by the trade stock sector rose 0.53 percent and the consumer goods stocks sector climbed 0.46 percent.

Asian stock markets partially vary. Hong Kong Hang stock index rose 0.93 percent, and posted the biggest gain. Japan's Nikkei stock index climbed 0.24 percent. Singapore's stock index lost 0.30 percent.

The movement of Jakarta Composite Index (JCI) has the potential to strengthen on Wednesday's stock trading.

PT Asjaya Indosurya Securities analyst William Suryawijaya said, the pattern of JCI movement has shifted the consolidation range. This is shown after JCI touch new record.

William said, JCI potentially strengthened in stock trading Tuesday this week. Controlled inflation and increasing data on the number of tourist visits into a catalyst positive IHSG.

"IHSG will move in the range of 5,838-5,975," William said in his review, Wednesday, October 4, 2017.

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