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Erick Profile

Erick is Managing Partner of JMT Law House, as well as Partner of KJPP Erick, Rikarnadi dan Rekan, having experience for more than 25 years in business and legal advisory handling both domestic and multinational companies. Main expertise of Erick includes corporate finance and business law. Main practice of works include infrastructure, project finance, merger & acquisition, and corporate strategic planning.

As supporting profession in legal advisory, Erick has expertise in accounting, finance, tax, and business valuation, having certifications as Certified Public Accountant; Chartered Accountant; Certified Mediator; Certified Receiver and Administrator; Certified Investment Manager Representative; Certified Tax Consultant; Certified General Insurance; Certified Business Valuer; Registered Capital Market Consultant; and Advocate License.

Having graduated as Bachelor of Economics, Bachelor of Law, and Master of Accounting from University of Indonesia, Doctor of Laws from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, and Doctor of Finance Management from Brawijaya University, Erick actively gives lectures and become speakers in various seminars and workshops related with legal and finance topics.

Erick was appointed as Advisor of Legal and Finance to assist Minister of State-Owned Enterprise on year 2004-2007, also as Independent Commissioner and President Commissioner of Banka Jawa Barat dan Banten Syariah on year 2012-2018, and being involved on various strategic corporate issues.

Erick is active member on organizations of Himpunan Konsultan Hukum Pasar Modal, Perhimpunan Advokat Indonesia (PERADI), Masyarakat Profesi Penilai Indonesia (MAPPI) as member of Dewan Standar Penilai Indonesia, Ikatan Konsultan Pajak Indonesia (IKPI), Institut Akuntan Publik Indonesia (IAPI) as member of Membership Committee, dan used to be member of Dewan Pimpinan Nasional Ikatan Akuntan Indonesia (IAI).

Erick holds licenses as advocate from PERADI, capital market legal consultant from Otoritas Jasa Keuangan, tax consultant from Director General of Tax, tax attorney on tax court from Tax Court Jakarta, and business appraisal from Ministry of Finance Republic of Indonesia.

Erick loves football sport and spends his free time playing his hobby as football Manager of a football team listed on League 3 DKI Jakarta and holds license C AFC/FIFA.